Static Security

Decades of experience the most hostile areas

Vellichor Static Security

VELLICHOR RISK can review and/or operate your site security worldwide and provide turnkey solutions to your organisations security concerns. VELLICHOR RISK staff allocation system ensures that the right integration of expatriate and host country national security professionals to ensure that guard forces achieve maximum security and cost efficiency.

VELLICHOR RISK currently runs a number of static locations ensuring their security integrity, this includes the selection, training and management of fully equipped static guard forces and the following key functions:

  • Entry Control Points (ECP) including specialised search procedures used at airports, border control points and maritime ports
  • Perimeter Security
  • Roving patrols both mounted and dismounted
  • Quick Reaction Force (QRF)
  • K9 – Search and Attack Dogs
  • Technical Solutions, to include but not LIMITED to:
    • Intelligent CCTV able to detect intruders, unusual objects and to track on staff
    • X-Ray and Biometric Screening
    • Metal Detection – Walk-Through Arches and Handheld Wands
    • Vehicle and Personal Tracking using a mixture of SAT, GPS, GPRS, RFID and intelligent CCTV
  • Program Management and Communications for all functions

VELLICHOR RISK protect facilities belonging to government and private industry. VELLICHOR RISK security personnel are skilled, experienced, mature and matched to the job – and are fully trained to work in other cultures.